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Diamond wire saw machine Econetic Cofeseg By Huada IoT

ECONETIC – Technology and Innovation for a more sustainable production

Econetic IoT Cofeseg By Huada, the only machine on the market with permanent magnet technology, now also comes with IoT, an online monitoring system for the work of machines in the quarry that will allow you to be connected 24 hours a day to your machines through a mobile phone or tablet from Any part of the world.

ECONETIC Cofeseg by Huada, with Permanent Magnet Technology, allows cutting with savings of up to 30% in electricity consumption.

Eliminating one of the main motor windings, replacing it with the Magnet, a reduction of the electricity necessary for the motor operation is obtained. As there is no friction between the windings, there is less heating, less noise (dB) and longer motor life.

It can cut in any direction, vertically, horizontally and even on inclined surfaces, thanks to the motorized rotation of up to 320º of the main motor pulley. Its lateral displacement of up to 2 mt. Allows 2 cuts without having to move the machine.

Variable cutting power and speed combined to increase your profit

Its two inverters connected with the PLC controls, allow to adjust the speed of the main motor from 0 to 40 m / s. automatically, according to the changes in the load of the main motor, which maintains the tension, prevents the diamond wire from breaking and lengthens its useful life

For this, it uses its maximum power up to 90 Amperes in both operations, obtaining in practice, cuts of up to 12 mt2 / hour depending on the type of wire used.


ECONETIC – Cofeseg By Huada, helps you increase cutting performance and obtain more blocks in less time, and with lower electricity consumption, improving your operating costs and helping to reduce CO2 emissions, one of our commitments to the environment.

Latest generation technology development – There is no similar machine on the market

Digital remote control – Optional Wireless Wifi Connection

By using digital communication, fewer electrical components are required, resulting in fewer failures and less downtime. Waterproof, dustproof and frost resistant


Simple graphic display, you can have access to all work data quickly and easily.






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